Murdertown is a cold case investigation podcast hosted by Gary Pascal and Shannon Noll, two DePaul-trained actors and world-trained journalists. They travel to Chatapicnic, Wisconsin to investigate the state’s most notorious unsolved murder: Catskill “Bones” McGillivray, the jovial and beloved mayor of neighboring Briggsville. But Gary and Shannon soon discover that the mystery of Chatapicnic runs much deeper than one man’s death – because a bunch of other people are getting murdered all the time.


Editing and sound design: Chris Yearwood


Artwork: Soulfume


Special thanks for Season 1: Abby McEnany, Matt Lusk, Toby McMullen, Atra Asdou, Allison Reese, Alex Haney, Charles Pettitt, Carly Ballerini, Jonathan Euseppi, Libby Schreiner, and Tom Fell.